About the company

The name SUPTel appeared for the first time in the Czech market in 1992, the year that opened the market and space for business unknown until then for a majority of Czech people after the changes in the society. This chance was also grasped completely by Lubomír Mašek, employee of the District Communication Administration in Rokycany. January 1992 saw him leaving the state enterprise and establishing SUPTel s.r.o. two months later. Shortly after that, he was followed by five of his former fellow workers, and it was on the yard of the Lubomír’s aunt’s fa­mily house that they started entering the business world, focusing on the construction of metallic telecommunication networks.

In 1994, the company was entered by a German partner Martin Steinbrecher GmbH. Three year later, the activity portfolio started extending with the construction and service of optical networks. In 1998, SUPTel s.r.o. constructed the first GSM station for Radio Mobil (trademark Paegas, today T-Mobile), which was then followed continuously by the GSM network for Český Mobil (trademark OSKAR, today Vodafone).

The turn of the millennium brought a change in the partner of SUPTel, with the family firm of Josef Schnell GmbH from Baden Baden, Germany, replacing Martin Steinbrecher. SUPTel s.r.o. changed its legal form to joint-stock company and started developing other infrastructure projects, especially water mains, sewer lines, and electrical grids. In the telecommunication branch of that period, the company built a backbone optical line across the territory of the Czech Republic for German company Alcatel. In 2005, the company became the general contractor for the ČEZ Group. Lubomír Mašek took over the share of the Schnell Family to become the sole shareholder of the company. At that time, SUPTel continued extending its activities both in territory and lines of business. In 2007, SUPTel returned to the Slovak market, for ever this time, and, in Bohemia, entered the ICT area, especially camera and monitoring systems.

After Lubomír Mašek died suddenly in spring 2011, the company was taken over by his daughter Zuzana and her husband. Also thanks to the excellent team spirit, she managed to continue the tradition and good name built up over the almost twenty years of presence in the market. The new company management developed further and, through the acquisition of company GASSPO spol. s r.o. in 2013, completed its offer of services in gas. The customer portfolio was thus extended by the RWE Group. One year later, SUPTel a.s. strengthened its position in the areas of telecommunications and ICT by buying 100 % in the company Disk obchod & technika, spol. s r.o. (today SUPTel – DISK, spol. s r.o.).

At present, SUPTel a.s. and its subsidiaries offer a complete portfolio of activities in the construction and service of engineering networks in telecommunications, power engineering, construction industry, transport, and security.

The company operates permanently on the majority of the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and implements major projects in Germany. Organizationally, the company is divided into four manufacturing divisions and three active subsidiary companies. The whole group employs almost 400 people with consolidated sales exceeding one half of a billion of crowns.